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More itens in Adoption Home

It can put more than 9 items in the home in part of “Adoption”?
Which file should I change ?

adoptions itens
Answer: No need to change any files. The options are in the WordPress backend in the PetCare WordPress Theme folder. Just look for the appearance section and edit the items in there. If that does not work you can manually edit the HTML of the page. Here are some example pages where this was done successfully: ComproGear Wide Calf Compression Socks and Pet Dander Automobile Air Purifiers. These pages are unrelated to Pet Care, but are using the same appearance editor as the PetCare WordPress Theme uses to add multiple items to the page like you are attempting to do. This is commonly working fine on Amazon pages like the Amazon rose toy and Amazon eyebrow slit tool. It's not too hard to make this change once you see it active on a few other pages.