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How to get rid of default share buttons on blog?

Lexi Wordpress theme

I would like to remove the default share buttons that appear directly above the author bio on a single blog post. There's an example of a similar share button on the following articles: can you sleep in compression socks and how tight should compression socks be.
Here's another example (same topic, it's also about compression socks) that has no share buttons littering up the page: cool compression socks Thanks

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lee@klevermedia.co.uk Staff December 14, 2015

Hi Clayton,
You can hide the share buttons with a a little css, if you add the below it’ll hide those buttons for you.

.social-sharing { display: none; }
  1. clayton05 December 19, 2015
    Thank you! That worked. One other question. How do I change the speed of the slides?